Sara Beth

How Camp Has Been Impacting One Camper’s Life for Over 20 Years

When Sara Beth was just 11 years old she was diagnosed with a blood disease that she will be dealing with for the rest of her life. In the year prior to attending Camp Sanguinity, Sara Beth had moved mid-year from Montana to Texas and not only was she the “new kid” in class, but she was labeled as the “sick kid.” Camp was the one place where Sara Beth felt truly valued; camp made her feel strong, capable and in control. When Sara Beth was being bullied at school, she would remember her camp friends and look forward to returning to the place where she could let those stereotypes go and just be a kid.

She now returns to camp as a counselor and board member and has the opportunity to experience camp from a different perspective. “Being able to pour into current campers what was poured into me is a powerful thing…I didn’t realize it then, but feeling like I was capable and valued was no accident. I had no idea that it was in fact a very intentional thing that I would arrive home feeling accomplished, valued and smart.”

“The campers come and get to be who they want to be all week. They get to challenge themselves, make friends, try new things and even though it is just a week out of a year, those memories last their entire lives.”

“I am who I am because of Camp Sanguinity”

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Sara Beth