How a Young Camper Blossomed Because of Camp Friendships

At age five, Antonio was diagnosed with stage four anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Treatments were hard on his body and his mental health. Because of his physical limitations, he was no longer able to keep up with his peers at school. All of this created a lot of anxiety for Antonio.

Then he found Camp One Step. Antonio began attending camp at age 10. At camp, Antonio can let his anxieties go and enjoy himself. Nobody can relate to him better than his friends at camp.

“Camp is magical. It is like I’m with people who think I’m funny and awesome. We are different because we can really appreciate the short time we have together.”

Now 14 years old, Antonio has blossomed socially and physically with the help of the amazing staff and counselors at Camp One Step. Antonio knows he is always welcomed with open arms and unerring acceptance when he joins his friends at camp. This gives him the confidence to try new things and push his boundaries.

“If someone wanted to donate I would tell them that they would not be donating to a camp, you will donate to friendship.”

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